How Nintendo’s handheld video sport consoles hang developed over the previous 30 years, from the contemporary Game Boy to the Switch (NTDOY)
Released in 2001, the Game Boy Advance is one of the many evolutions of Nintendo's handheld family. Sion Touhig/Getty Images Originally released in 1989, the Nintendo Game Boy is now 30 years old.The Game Boy helped create a market for portable video games; Nintendo has sold more than 100 million Game Boy and Game Boy…
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Launched in 2001, the Game Boy Arrive is one in all the many evolutions of Nintendo’s handheld household.

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Nintendo lately renowned the thirtieth anniversary of the Game Boy, the hand held console that has been synonymous with transportable video games for many years.

While the contemporary Nintendo Leisure System made Nintendo a household name by mumble video games into properties internationally, the Game Boy made it imaginable to play games correct about wherever. And devour the NES before it, the Game Boy created a baseline for every handheld console that would apply it.

Video games hang changed plenty for the reason that eight-bit, unlit-and-white pixels of the Game Boy had been smartly-liked, but Nintendo has stayed at the stop of the factitious. Two factors helped the Game Boy change into a truly prolonged interval of time success: sturdy make and a huge library of games. Even as Nintendo applied innovative contemporary aspects for its later handhelds, the corporate built a legacy on its fixed make and thorough investment in transportable gaming.

From the contemporary Game Boy to the 3DS and Switch this day, here’s how Nintendo’s handheld consoles hang developed through the years:

A smaller Game Boy called the Game Boy Pocket became released in 1996 with a smaller plan ingredient, but no meaningful changes.

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The fundamental, sturdy make, real performance, and qualified library of Game Boy games helped the total hardware stand on its relish for simply about 10 years, despite more technically developed competitors from handhelds devour Sega’s Game Tools. For a time Nintendo’s console became actually synonymous with transportable gaming, with correct about any handheld gaming tool being colloquially identified as a Game Boy.

And, for a whereas, it became the positive and simplest means to play “Tetris.”

While the unlit-and-white graphics of the Game Boy might perhaps perhaps not be in particular attention-grabbing to the up to the moment gamer, the console helped assign a marketplace for transportable gaming that has benefitted the factitious as a total.

Game Boy Coloration (1998) — $eighty

Game Boy Coloration.

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As the name might perhaps perhaps indicate, the Game Boy Coloration became Nintendo’s first handheld to characteristic a color display disguise. The Game Boy Coloration arrived simply a couple of decade after the contemporary, providing a hardware give a enhance to for the more worrying games of the slack ’90s. On the opposite hand, the machine basically served as a stop-gap except the liberate of the following-generation Game Boy Arrive in 2001.

The Game Boy Coloration aloof saw more than 500 releases in that three-year span, though heaps of those games had been aloof playable on the contemporary Game Boy. The Coloration can even play traditional Game Boy games, and would give them a total color plan to specialize in their visuals.

Game Boy Arrive (2001) — $a hundred

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The Game Boy Arrive became a solid apply-up to the Game Boy Coloration, representing a distinguished enchancment in handheld hardware.

The 32-bit Game Boy Arrive became solid adequate to address games that had been once contemporary to dwelling consoles, letting avid gamers elevate their accepted classics on the boulevard. This also gave sport developers of mission to revisit a couple of of the most smartly-favored genres of the ’90s for a contemporary audience.

The GBA became fully backwards acceptable with prior Game Boy games, too, rewarding clients who had been proper to the household of handhelds.

Game Boy Arrive SP (2003) — $130

Brad Rickerby/Reuters

The foremost aspects of the Game Boy Arrive SP offered a learn about of Nintendo’s future handheld enhancements.

Arriving alongside the smartphone enhance, the foldable GBA SP offered a bigger plan ingredient than the habitual Game Boy Arrive, and the SP became the first Nintendo handheld to hang a chargeable battery. The Game Boy Arrive SP also added a backlight to the infamously darkish Game Boy Arrive display disguise.

Nintendo DS (2004) — $a hundred and fifty

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The 2nd display disguise and contact controls of the contemporary Nintendo DS helped mumble a couple of contemporary generation in handheld gaming. Games designed for the decrease touchscreen gave the console a gigantic informal allure whereas plucky developers labored to set more taking part games that made exhaust of every screens.

The DS became the first handheld Nintendo console with the horsepower to play 3D games, taking into story ports from the N64 and some real 3D titles. The contemporary-model DS became also backwards acceptable with the Game Boy Arrive, giving the console an prolonged catalogue with a sequence of classics courting abet to the Immense Nintendo.

Game Boy Micro (2005) — $a hundred

Uncommon sighting of a Game Boy Micro in the wild.


Nintendo also released the Game Boy Advanced Micro in 2005, after its successor — the Nintendo DS — became already in the marketplace.

The console became decrease than five inches huge and lacked the flexibility to play Game Boy and Game Boy color games.

Nintendo DS Lite (2006) — $a hundred and fifty


Nintendo created two up to this level models of the hand held, the DS Lite and the DSi Lite, bettering the rechargeable battery and adding a digicam to the DSi. The DS household is de facto Nintendo’s finest-selling console of all-time, with more than a hundred and fifty million devices offered worldwide.

The DS enjoyed a library of games that had been every abnormal and impressive, offering experiences that might perhaps perhaps not be matched on a habitual dwelling console, and even on the PlayStation Moveable — which, on paper, became a more highly wonderful console.

Nintendo 3DS (2011) — $250

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The foremost hardware innovation of the Nintendo 3DS became its 3D display disguise, which supplies stereoscopic 3D images without particular glasses or any extra equipment.

On the opposite hand, the 3D aspects somehow turned one in all the more forgettable parts of the console, simplest broken-down by a handful of games to any meaningful elevate out.

Nintendo 2DS (2013) — $130


The 3D performance became so unpopular that Nintendo somehow shipped a model of handheld with out a stereoscopic display disguise. The 3DS went on to succeed as an upgraded model of the contemporary DS, total with backwards compatibility.

The machine is the first Nintendo handheld to utilize digital impart, with a digital store that proved more profitable than those on the Wii or Wii U. The console also made distinguished enhancements to the DS’ on-line performance and total knowledge management machine.

Fresh Nintendo 3DS (2015) — $200


The Fresh Nintendo 3DS offered a final hardware enchancment for the transportable console, with habitual and “XL” sizes.

With the upgraded hardware of the Fresh 3DS, developers had been ready to tag games namely for the transportable platform with few compromises.

While the technology of the 3DS became no longer as ground-breaking as the contemporary DS at liberate, Nintendo’s repeated revisions of the console hang given it a prolonged, wholesome lifespan.

Nintendo Switch (2017) — $300


While the Switch is aloof a in actual fact young console, it has succeeded in mixing the larger of Nintendo’s handheld and dwelling console choices into a single bundle.

In transportable mode, the Switch functions devour a mode-more-highly wonderful Game Boy with a touchscreen, however the controls is also separated from the display disguise for a two player skills on the lope. When at dwelling, a docked Switch functions as a up to the moment TV console.

With the Switch, Nintendo has also managed to correct a couple of of the acquire infrastructure points that plagued prior Nintendo consoles. The eShop feels more purposeful than ever on Switch, and the massive vary of digital titles addresses the considerations Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U confronted with third-party enhance.

And even though it is been decrease than two years since it launched, the Switch has already had its comely share of suitable games, in conjunction with “The Chronicle of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Immense Mario Odyssey.”

f the Switch keeps up a wholesome tempo of enhance and developers continue to enhance it, it might perhaps perhaps slowly climb this list and change into Nintendo’s finest console.


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