The Division 2’s Wild, Complex Puzzles Are Stumping Players
The vexing “Unite” coded message. Players figured out what it says, but not what to do about it.Screenshot: KotakuFor over a week, Zachary Jaglowski has been trying to figure out what the deal is with a mysterious basement in The Division 2. The 24-year-old graphic designer from New Jersey has explored the small downstairs space…
The vexing “Unite” coded message. Players learned what it says, however now not what to enact about it.
Screenshot: Kotaku

For over a week, Zachary Jaglowski has been attempting to come to a decision out what the deal is with a mysterious basement in The Division 2. The 24-year-historical graphic designer from New Jersey has explored the slight downstairs rental with a friend, and so that they’re overjoyed one thing is up with it. They’ve had their characters shoot out the final lights, made them enact leaping jacks. On a hunch, Jaglowski made his man salute. To this point, nothing has took inform

“We maintain been messing spherical with the room for a whereas,” Jaglowski told me when we talked about his efforts to come to a decision out the significance of a room that gamers attain on the head of an queer and surprisingly immediate hidden Division 2 facet mission.

The recurring basement is one amongst several mysteries gamers maintain been working thru in the sport, on message boards, and on Discord since The Division 2’s start two weeks ago. These puzzles, which, take care of the sport’s hidden ducks, are nestled off the major questlines of the sprawling 1/three-person shooter’s start world, maintain additional furious gamers who already appears largely pleased with the sport. Some puzzle alternate strategies maintain method immediate. Others maintain been more stubborn, even with thousands of gamers working collectively to crack them.

The mysterious G. Phillips basement.

The most elaborate thriller encountered by gamers to this point involves a dwelling of eight coded messages hidden in graffiti spherical the sport. Seven of them maintain been solved however one is so vexing that even the YouTube chat window next to The Division 2’s most modern weekly livestream video on Wednesday used to be spammed with the observe “UNITE,” which is shorthand for the unsolved riddle.

Many of the items of graffiti tied to the puzzle maintain been stumbled on support when the sport used to be in beta. That’s when the cipher slack the eight coded messages used to be cracked, too. Shortly after release, gamers had spotted the graffiti and decoded the riddles, leaving them to come to a decision out what to enact with clues take care of:





Soon, gamers started figuring it out. Every riddle, when acted on accurately, would motive loads of extremely unprecedented enemies called a Hunter to repeat up. A clue that integrated the highway “receive spherical the tree to lift cheer and gentle” enthusiastic interacting with a explicit Christmas tree. The Hunters are refined however rewarding foes; killing them makes them fall special masks and most continuously an item called an ivory key, eight of that are wanted to begin a box in the player’s atrocious of operations.

Players immediate learned six of the eight riddles. A seventh clue eluded each person till Sunday, 12 days after the sport had first long past on sale, when a Ubisoft dialogue board person is known as Viking-Skjald posted the message “We solved the next riddle! Ivory key 7/Eight awaits you!

The riddle, decoded from markings on in-sport graffiti, used to be as follows:





The solution, it turned into out, used to be to head to climb onto the support of a explicit truck outside the sport’s version of the offices of the Division of Agriculture and shoot thirteen dwelling windows with one bullet every. Then a Hunter would seem for battle.

Within the message asserting the discovery, Viking-Skjald plugged the Division 2 Secrets and tactics community that followers had started on Discord, noting its membership had swelled to only about 1,000 contributors and cited the 2 contributors who’d method up with the guidelines Most noteworthy for figuring things out. “Props to our complete community, you guys are completely devoted, some of us having slept honest spherical 10 hours interior the final days,” Viking-Skjald talked about. The Discord now has more than 4000 contributors.

An eighth graffiti riddle easy confounds The Division 2’s secret hunters. The clue, which appears method the observe UNITE that is painted onto the sport’s Washington Monument, is as follows:






Players maintain tried following those vague instructions by activating a terminal below the Washington Monument, going to about a areas marked on the terminal’s scheme, saluting gravestones in those areas and returning support to the monument, the set the the terminal is up to this point however then… nothing happens. They haven’t learned that fragment yet. (A post on Reddit from about a days ago catalogues many of the makes an are attempting to resolve the riddle. Its author says they’ve spent 30 hours attempting to crack it.)

Update – 12:Fifty 9 pm: Appropriate as I used to be publishing this epic, a Ubisoft developer offered that the Unite riddle is now not working accurately in the sport and will doubtless be patched on Friday, April 5: “Hello. Sorry for the slack answer on this, we wanted to make certain that to now not be in contact one thing incorrectly. The final cipher riddle is at this time bugged and can now not be achieved. We maintain a repair for this planned to head into the sport next week Friday, with the Tidal Basin patch.”

When folks start enjoying a immense new online sport, and so that they must always address fairly a great deal of its challenges on their very possess, however it completely’s potentially now not that many Division 2 gamers are drawn to scouring its thousands of city blocks for eight items of graffiti, decoding a cipher, and figuring out the clues. That’s fragment of the stress-free, however it completely’s fragment of the stress-free for the community as a complete. Blessed are those that exercise the sleepless hours doing the exhausting sleuthing.

For most gamers, it’s doubtless they’ll hear a rumor about Hunters, Google for the technique to activate them, then creep the path blazed by the sport’s secret-hunters. That’s been the sample for the method gamers crack the elaborate secrets and tactics tucked into the Future video games, that many times up to this point series about shooting point out aliens and gathering better loot that The Division 2’s adventures about shooting point out folks and gathering better loot appears designed to emulate.

Video games take care of The Division 2 and Future are crafted to be ongoing experiences that delight in some quantity of give and win from sport creators and gamers. Creators provide new adventures and challenges, whereas gamers provide feedback thru what they enact in the sport and what they maintain to explain about it. No longer lower than, that’s the realization, when the 2 parties aren’t sweating bugs, atrocious form decisions, or varied malfunctions in the sport.

In series take care of these, the developers need gamers to retain enjoying, and the gamers many times crave more stuff to enact. Some refined, elaborate puzzles add more lifestyles to the sport, retain more buzz going, and give the player atrocious a possibility to interrupt up in a constructive method. A slight different of devoted gamers can devote themselves to striking their heads collectively to resolve the puzzles, themselves surroundings doubtless the most travel for the method the sport unfolds for each person else.

The mysterious G. Phillips Protocol mission has a personalized icon now not venerable wherever else in the sport, however the mission consists of opening a single door. Players are overjoyed there’s more to it.
Screenshot: Kotaku

Zachary Jaglowski has been an avid Future player and enjoyed enjoying thru the player-cracked mysteries of that sport, too. He bought the Division 2 support on March 12 and by the head of the week had stumbled on a hidden mission called Navy Hill Transmission, which ends in a stress-free, immediate skedaddle that’s better left unspoiled. When he used to be doing it, he used to be on the cusp of that laundry room element, which remains unsolved.

Ending Navy Hill Transmission triggers one more hidden mission called the G. Phillips Protocol, which is marked on the in-sport scheme with an icon now not venerable for any varied mission in the sport. The particular shock referring to the G. Phillips mission to this point is that it’s anticlimactic. It ends the moment the player opens a door to begin it. Beyond that door is a hallway, and downstairs from the hallway is the mysterious basement. Nobody has learned what might doubtless well well happen beyond that. “It honest form of didn’t fabricate necessary sense ending with nothing,” Jaglowski talked about.

Players take care of Jaglowski maintain tried fairly a great deal of things in that laundry room, alongside with attempting to parse whether a blinking gentle is sending Morse code. Jagloswki has exercise several hours doing online overview, finding out about a staunch man named George Phillips, a Medal of Honor recipient who died in World Battle II. He’s inappropriate-checked the areas for the missions, noticing that the Naval Hill Transmission appears to be dwelling the set the CIA predecesor agency, the OSS, used to be in the beginning based mostly mostly. He’s wandered The Division 2’s D.C., and earlier this week posted a video showing that there is a extremely identical laundry room to the G. Phillips one in the southern fragment of the scheme. He’s saved a thread on the sport’s subreddit cataloguing his overview and discoveries.

One of many catches with in-sport secrets and tactics is that most continuously essentially the most important has a flaw. Once in some time a puzzle is implemented incorrectly by the developers or is completely too refined for the gamers to resolve. Once in some time there’s honest nothing more to it. Jaglowski acknowledges that this will doubtless be the case here, that the laundry room might doubtless well well honest be a laundry room and there are now not any proverbial thirteen dwelling windows to shoot. “There might be a possibility,” he talked about of the prospect that the G. Phillips room ends in nothing. “It’s miles terribly sharp with all the pieces they did as much as it and giving it a distinctive icon. It might perhaps doubtless well well be bizarre for them to enact it, however it completely is a possibility.”